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1Bookings must be done 12 to 16 weeks in advance to secure your place. Bookings made with less than 12 weeks will be charged 100€ extra for each student. We do not accept bookings made with less than 6 weeks

2To book and secure your place on the desirable dates you must pay a deposit of: a) 300€ for each student (groups). b) 50% of the total cost of the programme (individual students). We reserve the right to change the dates between 2 to 5 days before or after, depending on the availability of flights. 

3One free group leader for every 15 students, additional group leaders will have 25% discount over the cost of the flights, accommodation and activities.

4All transfers made from and to the airport are done by coach or train. (*)

5In case the departure flight is in the early hours (6am - 8am), the students are required to wait at the school, where they can watch movies, play games and use the internet.

6We offer two price bands, low and high season. High season will cover all English and European holiday times.

7The prices shown on the website for the study holidays programmes, languages courses and extra activities are not negotiable.

(*) World Language School will take the group’s best interest when booking the flight, i.e. departure and arrival times.


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